Having just returned from our oh-so-relaxing Mayan vacation, I wanted to show off..I mean show everyone what to look forward to for February.  The staff was incredibly friendly, the food was great, the drinks were numerous, and the beach was beautiful...See you there!
Barcelo Maya Vacation
On the beach, Wednesday
A sighting of the elusive sea mammal, on land!
The Site of the Wedding in February
The Wedding Site
Tulum, a Mayan Ruin Near the Barcelo
Tulum Iguana
One of these is cold-blooded....
The Beach at Tulum
The Cliffs and Beach at Tulum
More Cliffy Awesomeness
Ruins in Tulum
Beeyoootiful Beach Sunset
More of the Beach..just like in Ohio
View of the Wedding site...the aisle will be between the trees
Whattup Igs?
The Winter Solstice Sunset lines up here.
Not a Postcard..
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